Modular Hooker Office Furniture

Most businesses wish to present a modern, progressive look, thus modular office furniture becomes all-important to garner that impressive appearance. Modular office furniture fosters a resourceful yet warmly personal atmosphere that promotes efficiency, thoroughness and enhances productivity. Stressed workers do not equal productive workers. I strongly suggest you visit hooker office furniture to learn more about this.


Thus the goal is, of course, to match modular office furniture styling and functionality in such a way as to not only create impressive comfort and happiness to the worker but to be able to show harmony in design. It is important therefore that stylish designs and ergonomic construction blend well together. The key is to offer a productive environment through modular office furniture. Modular office furniture consists of office desks, office chairs, office cubicles as well as conference room tables and chair sets in addition to the all-important reception areas. The idea is to create an impressive office that is not thrown together but is notable.


Contemporary ergonomic chairs have been the center of attention for many years now. When first introduced, they were ugly and totally impractical and took up so much room that unless they were placed in a huge office, space became the bane of the modern office. However, ergonomics have now added fashion and contemporary looks with the impressive addition of designer ergonomic chairs. Taking care of the worker’s health has finally been combined with luxurious elegance.

Modular office furniture is no longer the drab gray creations of yesteryear either. There are now aesthetically pleasing designs that feature interesting materials ranging from metal, wood, polypropylene, and all showing a healthy combination of light and fashionable materials that will give your current very-traditional office furniture a run for its money. Impressive office furniture need not be a design and color faux pas; it can actually be finished in such a way as to coordinate with your surroundings.


If space is a big predicament in selecting modular office furniture, perhaps two-way functionality will save space and add utility. A number of office furniture choices come with built-in bookcases, and some even feature pull out work tables/desks. Integration of such furniture will result in clean modern lines yet still be ideal for multi-utility.

Office layouts are changing by the day, as office space grows more and more expensive. Everyone wants to create a stunning, custom-made, ergonomically-correct environment that incorporates panels in patterned or clear glass, wood grain, or painted finishes, and even curvilinear work surfaces featuring cascade edges. All of this is possible with modular office furniture and even more.

You will be exceedingly surprised to see how far modular office furniture has come. Creative zone furniture demands can now be satisfied in an innovative way, in a manner that leaves its good impressions but also helps with the practical details that an efficient office must have and turns it all into a pleasant experience. Take some time for yourself, your company and your employees to shop for modular office furniture. You’ll be very happy you did when you see what’s new and what it can do for your company image!

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Shopping for Electric Recliner Chairs

There is nothing more comfortable than easing back into your favorite chair at the end of the day.   Reclining chairs offer exceptional comfort with an embracing deep-seated design and elevated leg rests that place the body into a very relaxed state, perfect for reading or quiet moments.


Most households own at least one reclining chair and they are popular furniture items throughout the world, available in a variety of styles, sizes and fabric options.   Recliners also come equipped with some amazing new features to maximize your relaxation time with healthy massage or heat therapies.  Before you begin comparison shopping for your new electric recliner chair it helps to review some of the basics


Recliners for Mobility Issues


As we age however it becomes more difficult to enjoy the simple luxury of a good reclining chair.  The seat depth makes it quite difficult for seniors to stand up from a reclined position as it requires upper and lower body strength, which wanes as you get older.  Most seniors find it difficult to sit down or get back up from a recliner.  In response many health support retail stores offer models of electric recliner chairs which have controls to elevate and gently tip forward to assist seniors out of the chair. The slow safe programming of the lift ensures comfort and reliability and gently assists the owner back into a standing upright position.


Spa Recliners


There are many options that can be included in an electric recliner chair.  One of the options is to provide deep heat to the occupant.  Heating coils built into the seat and lumber of the chair offer radiating heat and comfort for sore or tired muscles literally at the flip of a switch.  This is a great comfort to individuals with chronic pain conditions or back injuries.


In addition to offering the benefit of deep heat, electric recliner chairs can come equipped with a variety of massage options.  Choose from relaxing vibrating massage to rolling shiatsu style pressure massages which are excellent at relieving tension in the back and shoulders.  There is no need to get out a special individual massage unit when it can be conveniently built right into your favorite reclining chair.  Nothing to take out and nothing to put away, but all the benefit of relaxing spa-like treatments in the comfort of our own home.


Worth Investing


The average electric recliner chair is priced at about $400 USD and can go into the thousands depending on the features, size and the fabric (or leather) options.  Designer models of electric recliner chairs are readily available to suit any décor from classic to contemporary and even transitional styles.   Some units come equipped with castors while others have solid wood bases preventing movement and stabilizing the chair against sliding.


However, given the engineering of an electric recliner chair, it is not recommended for outdoor use and should only be used by competent adults to avoid accident or injury due to accident or misuse.